Caravan insurance for UK caravan owners looking for affordable cover for their touring or static caravan

Touring caravan insurance

 Touring caravan and contents insurance up to the value of 22,500 can be arranged with an online quote which will give you an indication of the cost of caravan cover, if you then wish to proceed a proposal should be completed which will then be e-mailed to an administrator. A touring caravan will not usually be covered on your normal car insurance policy.

Static Caravan Insurance

Obtain an online caravan quote by clicking here.

Insurance for your static caravan and contents is available up to 22,500 with the option to extend new for old cover for 5 years, the cost of static caravan insurance is also calculated considering whether a propriety alarm is fitted, whether it is ever towed on a road and any previous insurance claims within the last year. An online quote will give you an indication of the cost.

Caravan insurance is only available to UK residents

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