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Discounted critical illness cover  quotes for the UK are available which will cover you if you are diagnosed with an illness which is specified in your critical illness scheme  and you survive the survival period which is also  specified in your policy documents. You  will receive a tax free lump sum payment or a monthly benefit if you choose family income benefit and this will be payable whether or not you are able to return to work because of contracting one of the defined critical illnesses. Often a critical illness insurance benefit is included when you arrange  your life cover this will pay one benefit only i.e. death or earlier critical illness but a stand alone critical illness insurance policy is available. Terminal illness cover (TIC) can also be an additional  free benefit on UK life insurance this will usually be defined as contracting a terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than 12/18 months and this is diagnosed during the policy term excluding the last 12/18 months , this cover is a free extra benefit but only protects against terminal illness not critical illness from which you may make a full recovery which will be covered under a critical illness insurance scheme.

Online critical illness insurance quotes with discounted premiums are available as a stand alone policy or with term life insurance.

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If you are considering rebroking your existing critical illness insurance policy do ensure that illnesses covered are sufficient for  your needs and compare this to your existing cover as some providers have become less generous.

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Insurance quotes for UK critical illness insurance have been discounted by us by electing not to receive our full commission, online quotes will compare policies from a number of the top UK providers and these can be arranged with guaranteed premiums which will ensure that at the outset you know exactly what your payments will be and these will remain constant throughout the term of the critical illness scheme or reviewable premiums which are reviewed on a regular basis (usually every 5 years) and can increase , remain the same or even decrease. Other options you may consider with your critical illness insurance policy is index-linking which will increase the sum assured or benefit payable in line with inflation usually using the increase in the retail price index (RPI) as a benchmark, remember if you choose this option your premiums will also rise in comparison.

Other UK insurance that you may confuse with critical illness insurance is income protection which provides insurance cover against being able to work through sickness or illness, this type of insurance will provide cover for a wider range of ailments but does require you to be unable to work, if you believe this to be more suitable to your needs please visit our income protection insurance section. We are also able to offer a hospital cash plan which is a simple medical product which pays a benefit for hospital treatments needed and a critical illness insurance benefit of a small amount.

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