Decreasing Term Life Insurance Mortgage Protection

Mortgage life insurance provides a benefit that decreases during the term of the policy often used for the protection of the outstanding amount on a capital and interest or repayment mortgage. As the mortgage debt is reduced the sum assured also reduces to provide a benefit to repay the capital amount outstanding on your mortgage. The premiums do not decrease and are set at the outset to remain level even though the benefit reduces over time guaranteed premiums or reviewable premiums are available on a joint or single life basis and critical illness can also be included.

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Other Mortgage Insurance

Protect your regular monthly mortgage payments against accident, sickness and unemployment with mortgage payment insurance.

Protect an interest only mortgage with level term life insurance.

Protection against contracting a critical illness as a stand alone policy or with mortgage life insurance.


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This type of mortgage protection would not be suitable for an interest only mortgage as the benefit reduces but your outstanding debt does not reduce on an interest only mortgage so a level term insurance policy would be more suitable this will ensure that all the capital will be repaid in the event of a claim