Term Life Insurance

 Using Term life insurance and critical illness cover for mortgage protection ,providing a family income benefit or just family protection against the unexpected.

Compare the cost of  term life insurance with a free online quote from the top insurers in the UK who not only provide top levels of cover but are also extremely competitive.  Please  feel  free to try with  no obligation our instant online quote facility , from here you can compare online quotes, obtain further information on the policy through the key features documents, even download a proposal for completion. .

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When arranging a joint term life insurance policy remember that the policy will pay out once only leaving the surviving partner with no life cover, the cost of two separate policies as opposed to one joint policy can cost just a few pounds more per month, check the exact amount by obtaining a free insurance quote.

Term life insurance is designed to provide for a set amount of years ( term) a tax free lump sum benefit to the dependents of the policyholder in the event of the insured persons death or the earlier diagnosis of a critical illness if this option is taken. Family income benefit will provide as opposed to a lump sum a  regular income from the claiming event till the end of the term. Cover can be used to protect your family or dependents financially should they suffer the loss of the breadwinner or to help pay for domestic help, childcare Etc. Other common uses of term life insurance are protection of a large loan (mortgage ) to ensure that the outstanding amount owed  is repaid if anything were to happen to you, this type of mortgage protection should not be confused with mortgage payment insurance..

Level Term Life Insurance

This insurance will provide a lump sum benefit if death occurs within the term of the policy. The benefit amount and term is chosen by you at the outset. This life insurance can be arranged on a single life or joint life basis.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance - Mortgage Protection

Life insurance designed to protect the amount outstanding on a repayment mortgage. The benefit will reduce over the term of the policy in line with the reducing amount left on your mortgage and is therefore cheaper than level term insurance.

Family Income Benefit

Life insurance which will pay a regular amount on death of the insured person up until the end of the term. This insurance, because the potential benefit reduces over the term can prove to be cheap and will ensure that dependents will receive a regular income.

Critical Illness Insurance

Although not life insurance critical illness insurance is often used  with life cover to pay the  benefit earlier if you are diagnosed as suffering from a defined critical illness. This cover can also be arranged as a stand alone policy.

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