Income protection against long term or permanent disability.

 Income Protection Insurance

Longterm disability insurance can be obtained using  long term income protection insurance (IPI) cover designed for the protection of income loss which may be permanent due to illness , accident , sickness or disability.  This insurance  will replace a proportion of your income with a regular benefit for as long as you are unable to work, expiry of the income protection plan or earlier death. Before being able to claim the policy holder must be unable to work for a certain period of time which is known as the deferred period which is chosen when you obtain quotes  for income protection insurance , other choices to be made are the length or term of the policy and the amount of protection you require ( maximum benefit limits do apply to all insurance companies these usually begin at 50% of gross earnings in the previous 12 months ). This permanent or longterm insurance policy does not provide protection for income loss due to unemployment.

UK Income Protection Online Quotes

Income protection insurance quotes are available online to protect against long term disability / incapacity  for UK residents only, this protection should  provide a regular benefit which is sufficient to your needs and for a term which you feel you would need benefits to cover any income loss . The cost of cover is calculated using  your occupation, age and smoking habits unlike  the short term disability and unemployment insurance policies which tend to offer fixed cost pricing for all.

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Income protection quotes are available online

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Consider the cost of using both a permanent income protection policy which  will provide a benefit after a 52 week deferred period and a short term disability insurance policy  which will only  provide cover for up to 52 weeks of income loss. The use of two types of  policy could provide the protection you require at a lower cost, online quotes are available for permanent income protection and the cost of short term disability insurance is indicated on that page.

The need for permanent income protection insurance

Loss of income should be an insurance that you consider if you require protection for yourself or family, the cost of  UK income protection insurance (IPI) will often cost more than a temporary or short term income protection policy but does provide permanent protection and you are able to claim benefits as many times as you become incapacitated and unable to work.  DWP national statistics May 2002 - Over 6% of the working age population is currently claiming incapacity benefit, over 2 million people. Over 55% of claimants have been receiving benefits for more than a year

Long term protection against income loss with permanent income protection insurance

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