Mortgage Insurance

A mortgage is a loan secured against property, this is usually your family home and for most people their biggest single investment. Mortgage insurance is used for the protection of this asset either for the protection of your mortgage payments if you are unable to make these through ill health, sickness, accident or unemployment or a lump sum benefit that is used to clear the outstanding sum in the event of death or if chosen the diagnosis of an earlier critical illness.Life insurance with or without critical illness cover and mortgage payment protection insurance MPPI is usually offered and often accepted when you arrange your mortgage, it may be the case that the insurance that the lender provides is not always the cheapest and as it costs nothing to shop around and is simple online why not see if you can save money. The mortgage protection we offer includes discount  life insurance and critical illness cover which has been reduced by us electing not to receive  the full amount of commission, quotes from many of the top providers in the UK can be compared instantly by completing a simple online form. The mortgage payment protection insurance plan we offer provides an initial free period of cover and online quotes are also available.

Types of Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

Decreasing Term Life Insurance Mortgage Protection Suitable for a capital & interest or repayment mortgage as the sum assured decreases as the mortgage debt decreases.

Level Term Life Insurance The sum assured remains level therefore is suitable to protect an interest only mortgage where the debt outstanding also remains level.

Critical Illness Cover Can be used with life insurance or on its own for mortgage protection.


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