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A selection of other websites that we feel may be of interest to you, the majority of the sites are finance related web sites with many of these being insurance related but we also offer links to general directories and search engines to enable you to search online for any of your requirements. I hope this is an added benefit from   which you will find useful when searching the world wide web.

Insurance Sites

Insurance for the UK                       UK insurance and financial information with comparison tools.

Free Online Insurance Quotes

Free online insurance quotes from providers with the most competitive rates.

Term Life Insurance Quotes Quotes, Plans, applications, and info for individuals in the U.S


General Interest

Doug Williams and Associates, LLC   Doug Williams and Associates helps businesses with business plans, start-up plans, website design, business analysis and marketing strategies.

Finance Directories

UK Business Directory


general liability insurance listings - insurance directory listings. topics include acturaries, adjusters, car insurance, breakdown cover, claims, commercial insurance, dental, health, home, income protection, software, legal, life, marine, pet, training, indemnity, re-insurance and travel

General Finance Websites

Debt Help UK - The UK's most comprehensive directory of Debt Help web sites, Debt Help Information and other links


Search engines & general directories

Lemon Puff - Best of the British & Web Search Engine!

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